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Topping Out Ceremony: The Roof Is Up
2023-07-04 888

- New innovation hub for research at FOCUS Hotmelt in Guangzhou, China

- Modern and open work environments in a digitally planned, sustainable building


Just 8 months after ground was broken on the project, the construction of FOCUS’s global R&D and manufacturing center is that much closer to completion. The topping-out ceremony was held last week in Guangzhou, China.


This new building, which was planned digitally and is being built to meet stringent sustainability requirements, has thus now reached an important milestone on the Journey to FOCUS Hotmelts’ future development. With its modern work environment, this facility will serve as an innovation hub that provides space for inspiration and new ideas. 

“A heartful thank you goes to all those involved for their excellent work. We are very excited about this project, the new global R&D and manufacturing center designed under LEED GOLD Principle with high degree of automation will be the new home for FOCUS Hotmelt’s future development with more innovations and solutions for our global customer” says Michael Chen, CEO of FOCUS Hotmelt. 



The new center will encompass 21,666 square meters with three floors, it is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024.