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Focus Hotmelt Rang Opening Bell at SZSE
2022-09-05 837

Shenzhen, China, Sept 02, 2022 – Focus Hotmelt completed the initial public offering (IPO) and rang the market opening bell to celebrate the company's listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).




The successful IPO marks a pivotal moment in the growth and development of Focus. It is also the beginning of our new journey: as we continue with our commitment to deliver highest value to our customers, our global investment plans and growth will be fueled with the new funds received. As we expand and grow, we will further enhance our global capabilities to better serve our global customers. Our core values are embedded into everything we do to provide our customer with the highest quality and service they deserve. 




“The listing of Focus share at SZSE is a result of great work of the team, we are proud to celebrate this important milestone today!” said Michael Chen, Focus Hotmelt's GM. “With the new fund, we'll expand further our global teams, build a new R&D Center, and new plants to enhance global supply chain capability, our commitment to cutting-edge technology, superior quality, cost leadership will continue and enhance.”